CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and a new study shows this continues to be a major problem in South Carolina.

For the past 20 years, South Carolina has ranked in the top 10 states where women are killed by men. This year is no different and the Palmetto State is 6th on the list.

The Violence Policy Center just released the latest data of women murdered by men across the country.

Executive Director of My Sister’s House, Tosha Connors, says, “We are fighting this every single month of the year. And when you look at the statistics of where we are nationwide, it’s something that needs more of a focus other than just October.”

In 2017, South Carolina ranked 5th on the list, dropping to 6th in 2018. However, the amount of women murdered by men increased, from 47 to 48.

Connors says, “Not seeing the kind of movement that we would like to see given some of the legislation that has come out.”

According to the recent numbers, 95% of the women were murdered by someone they knew. In more than half of the cases, a gun was used.

Connors says, “Just really reiterating stuff that we already knew about firearms being present in the home and that increases a woman’s chance of being murdered during domestic disputes that are happening. There’s a lot of the narrative that’s saying have a gun for your own protection, but we’re seeing the opposite concern when it comes to this report.”

Men are also standing up against domestic violence. The Founder of Real Men Against Domestic Violence (Real MAD), Butch Kennedy, says is starts with the way men are raised and his group is trying to change that culture.

Kennedy says, “We’re raised not to show any emotion. The only emotion we can show is anger. We try to teach men that it’s okay to show those emotions so hopefully they don’t lash out on the person they are supposed to care about the most.”

To learn more about domestic violence and to walk alongside survivors, attend the Hope Walk on Saturday, October 6th. The group will meet at 8 AM on the Charleston side of the Ravenel Bridge. To register, click here.

My Sister’s House is holding its annual Luncheon on Wednesday, October 3rd at 12:30 PM at Alhambra Hall in Mt. Pleasant. Local leaders will be in attendance to discuss how they plan to fight domestic violence in the Lowcountry. This event is open to the public and tickets are available here.