ACE Basin Task Force Measures Success in Acres After Protecting 300,000 Acres of Land

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YONGES ISLAND, SC (WCBD) – A number of local groups and organizations have banded together to preserve land from development.

Thirty years ago their goal was to protect 90,000 acres.

In 2019, they’ve surpassed that goal greatly by more than three times that amount.

In 1989, a number of landowners, nonprofits and state agencies teamed up to protect untouched land from development.

Landowners donated development rights to their property for this task force.​

In the beginning, the organization’s goal was to protect 90,000 acres.

Chairman Charles Lane says that at the time, people thought the goal wasn’t possible.​

30 years later, the task force more than tripled that amount of acres protecting 300,00 acres of South Carolina land.​

​”I think most industries realize that this is not where they should be developing, this is South Carolina’s Yellowstone. You don’t develop in Yellowstone you don’t develop in ACE Basin there’s depreciation​,” says Charles Lane, the Chairman of the Ace Basin Task Force.

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