CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – According to Princeton University’s Eviction Lab, in 2016 the city of North Charleston had the highest eviction rate in the US, with an eviction average almost seven times higher than the national average.  

Researchers from the Eviction Lab have collected and analyzed evictions and housing information for over 20 years. Their latest findings show landowners in the state of South Carolina filled 6,905 eviction notices between March 15, 2020, and July 25 this year. 

The near 7,000 statewide eviction fillings took place within the time the state held its own eviction moratorium and the succeeding moratorium from the CDC. 

Although the eviction notices did not stop during the federal eviction moratorium, researchers with the Eviction Lab say fillings in the state remained below historical averages.  

The non-stopping trend of eviction filings and the end of the federal eviction moratorium have prompted state lawmakers to find solutions to disburse repressed rental assistance funds

Eviction Lab researchers say domestic violence victims, families with children, and low-income women, especially poor women of color, have a high risk of eviction.  

If you are looking for resources to help if you are facing eviction, you can visit the following link: