‘Public nuisance’ lawsuit filed against JUUL for its impact on students within the Charleston County School District

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CHARLESTON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – A lawsuit filed on Thursday alleges JUUL vaping products were marketed to minors and create a public nuisance affecting the Charleston County School District.

The lawsuit, which was filed in a Charleston County Circuit Court, alleges that the “Defendants’ marketing strategy, advertising, and product design targets minors, especially teenagers, and has dramatically increased the use of e-cigarettes amongst minors, including the student body in Charleston County School District. Defendants’ conduct has caused many students to become addicted to Defendants’ e-cigarette products.”

Attorneys say in additional to severe health consequences, “widespread “JUULing” has placed severe burdens on society and schools in particular.”

“We believe that there are some intentional actions in their marketing and the placement of products, and this causes a bad effect on school districts. There are lawsuits pending from around the country and we’re proud to represent Charleston School District and trying to get this remediated for them,” said Attorney Carl Solomon.

The district believes many of the same tactics JUUL uses now were used before.

“JUUL followed the old playbook of big tobacco which was found to be very much addictive and misleading to minors. Then, once tobacco was prohibited from doing it, JUUL came in and a lot of people in big tobacco invested in JUUL and allowed them to go in to do the same type of marketing whether that be flavors and packaging, etc,” explained Solomon.

He says this has impacted the Charleston County School District in a big way.

“Because of that, there are a lots of addictions on behalf of students. And that finds its way in the schools where they have to deal with discipline problems, counseling, etc.”

The district would like JUUL to fund one full-time position for each middle school and high school to deal with the problems.

“Based on the number of students and schools they have that could easily be in the millions of dollars,” said Solomon.

The lawsuit seeks: (click here to read the lawsuit)

1: Entry of an Order that the conduct alleged herein constitutes a public nuisance under South Carolina law;

2: Entry of an Order that the Defendants are jointly and severally liable;         

3: Entry of an Order requiring the Defendants to abate the public nuisance described herein and to deter and/or prevent the resumption of such nuisance;

4: Enjoining Defendants from engaging in further actions causing or contributing to the public nuisance as described herein;

5: Awarding equitable relief to fund prevention education and addiction treatment, as well as to abate the nuisance;

6: Awarding actual, compensatory, and punitive damages;

7: Awarding reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs of suit; 

8: Awarding pre-judgment and post-judgment interest; and

9: Such other and further relief as the Court deems just and proper.

The lawsuit was filed by The Solomon Law Group, LLC, along with Halligan, Mahoney & Williams, P.A., and Frazer PLC.

News 2 reached out to JUUL for comment. We have not heard back.

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