CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – I met the band members of ‘Babe Club’, Jenna Desmond and Corey Campbell, for the first time in person at their house, which doubled as a recording studio, on Thursday, September 24th. We were meeting to discuss their new single, “Automatic Love”, which made its debut Friday, September 25th.

The first question I asked them, which is standard practice in television journalism, was their names and titles. Titles, in this case, meaning their respective positions in the band.

This question gave the two pause.

“We both wear so many hats, it’s hard to… which one should I pick?” — Corey Campbell.

The two members of ‘Babe Club’ are both fully immersed in every aspect of their music, it was difficult to assign themselves an exact position. Though they agreed each brought a specific strength to the songwriting team that is ‘Babe Club’.

“I would say I’m more the lyrics and Corey is more the music.”– Jenna Desmond.

They then walked me through their music making process.

“Sometimes Corey will make a full track, and I’ll write words over it. So (our music) is pretty different (with) each song.”– Jenna Desmond.

The last time I contacted Jenna and Corey was for the release of their last single, “Need A Girl”. Our exchange was entirely virtual, I wrote questions which I sent them and they answered those questions by recording their responses. At the time, I didn’t have a clear understanding of who they were both personally and creatively. To be honest I still don’t, it would be arrogant to say I “figured them out” after a single meeting. But after meeting them, I was offered a better insight into their creative process.

Getting more to the point of our meeting, we then discussed their newest song, “Automatic Love”.

“The song kind of stems from the feeling you get when your partner is constantly on their phone.” — Corey Campbell.

They explained the heart of their latest single comes from a place of detachment and separation. Especially now amid the “new normal” that is the COVID-19 pandemic. How human interaction has become more virtual, making the craving for in-person contact that much more severe.

Since the first “official” meeting between the band and me was entirely virtual, I felt it was extremely appropriate our first in-person meeting was to discuss a song with such a meaning.

A deeper message underneath the music is common of their songs. As we wrapped up our interview, ‘Babe Club’ summed up their style for me as best they could, or more accurately, in the easiest way for others to understand.

“A lot of our songs are kind of, heavy lyrically, but fun at the same time.”– Jenna Desmond.

“It’s like our vibe. Really intense dark emotions, but then also pretty fun.”– Corey Campbell.

Every song ‘Babe Club’ has produced is available now on Spotify, and you can check out this latest single, “Automatic Love”, by heading over to their website here.