Berkley County, S.C. (WCBD)— The Berkeley County School District’s Superintendent is having his accomplishments and leadership skill placed under the spotlight.

Dr. Eddie Ingram, serving as Superintendent since 2017, will receive an annual review by board members.

At a Berkeley County School District meeting, Tuesday night, the board began the process of scoring the performance of Dr. Ingram from the previous school year.

“It’s 100 percent focused on student achievement and goals that are clearly measured by student achievement,” Brian Troutman, Digital Communications Specialist for Berkeley County School District said.

Using the McREL evaluation tool, each of the nine board members will rate his performance on a scale from ‘developing’ being the lowest score to ‘distinguished’ being the highest score.

Last year, the Superintendent’s performance was rated ‘proficient’— a category that is two levels away from the highest score he could receive.

He says that he thinks he will receive the same score again this year.

“Probably proficient, still developing in some areas. Again, leadership is situational. I’ve used this instrument in other places, and it’s a nationally known model that’s highly reliable and valid,” Dr. Ingram said.

Heading into the next school year, Dr. Ingram said he hopes to increase personalized learning for Berkeley County students.

“We’ve got to get our hands around it. How do we do it?”

The Superintendent’s performance scores will be presented at a full Berkeley County School District board meeting on August 13th.