BERKLEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – The bodies of Kadie and River Major were found on the railroad tracks near Oakley by CSX in 2008.

Authorities state that the facts at that time led investigators to believe that this incident was suicide. The case has been reopened for past several months, authorities added.

Based on evidence found, SLED is now coming in to reevaluate the case and that the timeframe did not match. Authorities state that Kadie was struck by a north bound train and not a south bound train.

The South Carolina Highway patrol is tasked with recreating this scene for investigators. It is initially believed she was suicidal and has psychological issues but officials stated that is not the case.

The family hired private investigators over the years to help out with the case. They were able to put together timelines that led to the additional look.

If anyone has information, they can call this phone number to provide tips on the case 843-719-7700.