BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – A horrific case of potential animal abuse coming out of Berkeley County. A 14-month-old pit bull is now in the care of a vet and a rescue organization.

The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that the dog was surrendered to authorities over the weekend. The dog’s previous owner was cited for failure to provide vet care and detectives are now looking to see if other charges are warranted.

The dog, now named Gabe, was taken to the Berkeley Animal Center then transferred to an emergency vet.

The center reached out to the New York based medical rescue group Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for help covering Gabe’s medical expenses.

According to the founder of Rescue Dogs Rock, the story given by the owner was the dog was tied to a car and accidentally dragged for a few blocks while picking his kids up from school Friday afternoon. When the owner realized it, he said he wrapped the dog in a towel and took him home.

However, the rescue group says that story isn’t consistent with Gabe’s extensive injuries. They say Gabe had to have been dragged for miles and that if it had really happened when the owner said it did, not only would have Gabe have been audibly yelping and barking, but someone would have seen it and stopped them.

Babe’s paw pads are gone, as is a majority of the skin on his paws and knees. he can’t walk or stand. He has a large open chest would that there are difficulties closing. Many of the wounds he has are necrotic, that’s something that takes three to five days to set in. The group says Gabe must have been suffering with incredible pain for days.

He’s needed two surgeries so far and over 500 stitches, but at last check, he was stable.

So far the group has raised close to $5,000 for Gabe’s expenses.

The Berkeley Animal Shelter is working with the Sheriff’s Office on this case. If you have any information about what happened to Gabe or any other animal abuse cases you may suspect, give them a call.