GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCBD) – UPDATE August 4, 2020: The Goose Creek Police Department announced on Tuesday that the men caught on camera attempting to break-in to a Goose Creek home are in custody.

According to GCPD, the men are responsible for a string of other car break-ins throughout the City.

ORIGINAL July 30, 2020:

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCBD) – Two men were recorded on a home security camera attempting to break-in to a home in Goose Creek Tuesday night.

“We were both sound asleep and then we just heard three loud bangs.”

Jason Terry, a resident of the Cadburry Subdivision, says it was 10 PM when two males tried to kick in his front door.

“A little bit of disbelief at first and then just angry you know and shocked. Thinking ‘okay, what if they would have come in you know… I’ve got my wife and sons in here also,’” stated Terry.

Terry says surprisingly it wasn’t his 90 lbs lab that scared the two men away.

“We think it was a table leg from an old table. We bought a new table and disassembled the other one and when it fell it sounds like a gunshot. It’s so loud because it’s a big piece of heavy wood,” Terry mentioned.

The Terry family had to replace their door due to the damage done during the attempted break-in. Jason says the child lock is what kept the door secure.

“…Done some upgrading on the lights around the house. Changed some of the cameras up to make them see things a little bit better, but we’re doing okay now,” commented Terry.

The Goose Creek Police Department is investigating the attempted break-in.

Officials say there is no identified trend of break-ins at this time.