Berkeley County approves plan to replace landfill scrubbers, combat odor

Berkeley County News

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – The landfill scrubbers were installed to remove odor from the Berkeley County landfill seem to be working. As a matter of fact, they’re working so well they need to be replaced quicker than anticipated.

There has been a noticeable improvement in the odor at the landfill. Last night, county council took some action to continue to work on making sure the odor problem does not come back.

“It’s maybe once or twice a week that I smell it now, but it’s not even nearly as bad as it used to be,” said Jakari Lloyd who lives in Foxbank Plantation.

Lloyd’s house backs up to the wooded area that borders the landfill. He says the odor is greatly improved.

County council discussed the issue at a meeting Monday night.

“As part of the solution, we purchased some very advanced scrubbers—H2 scrubbers, the cartridges to that scrubbing systems have been very effective,” said Berkeley County Deputy Supervisor Les Blankenship. “I think we’ve all noticed the odor has gone down significantly and as an effort to contain that, we are maintaining that scrubber system.”

The cartridges and the filters need to be changed more often than we initially thought, which will require an expenditure of $48,000.

County Council approved that additional $48,000 in the budget to handle replacing the filters on those scrubbers.

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