Berkeley County residents concerned after neighborhood pond was drained

Berkeley County News

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Neighbors in the Foxborough community are concerned after their neighborhood pond was recently drained, leaving wildlife behind.

“This is our sanctuary. Poor guy. You know, I bought this place a year ago because of the pond,” said Dani Freeman, who lives next to the pond.

The pond was drained over the weekend. “It’s not just a retention pond. I feed bad for that turtle,” Freeman said.

“There are multiple species of turtles, multiple species of fish, the waiting birds, the egrets, and all the different species that come here. They come here because this is a sanctuary.”

You can see on one end of the pond where water is pooled. Several turtles are in the water there, and at least three dead fish can be seen floating on the top.

“I want to know why this is happening,” asked Freeman. “Like, why weren’t we notified?”

We took those concerns to Goose Creek Mayor Greg Habib.

“It is a great asset for this neighborhood that the stormwater pond is here, and these folks have the opportunity to live next to it,” he said. “And for the most part get to enjoy that there’s water behind their house. What I would say is that we have to remind folks this is a stormwater pond. That is its number one and sole purpose.”

Mayor Habib said the decision to drain the pond was made quickly, in preparation for expected heavy rains over the past weekend to prevent flooding.

“Two weeks ago, we got six and a half inches of rain in less than two hours, and even with the valves on this pond being all the way open, we still had flooding at the other end,” he said. “The forecast over the weekend called for five to six inches of rain, not over two hours, but over the course of the day, and based on that, we thought we need to get the valves open.”

Mayor Habib said the water level did go down further than they hoped. They believe someone may have come and opened the valve after the city shut it off, causing the levels to get even lower than they initially were.

However, he says the city expects the pond to fill back up shortly as rain moves into the area over the next few days.

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