BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – The Berkeley County School District says it is aware of a video posted to TikTok in which a student said a teacher used a racial slur.

The video was shared with News 2 last week and includes audio of a classroom conversation regarding words and objects that are “rooted in racism.”

A teacher, who was not shown in the video, can be heard saying the ‘N’ word is also rooted in racism.

“District and school administration are aware of the video posted to TikTok which captured a portion of a classroom discussion about words and objects rooted in racism,” said Katie Tanner, a spokeswoman for the Berkeley County School District. “The teacher did make the statement that a racial slur, which the teacher identified out loud, is rooted in racism. This matter is under investigation and is being addressed in accordance with school and district policy.”

Tanner said the school district “promotes a welcoming and supportive environment that celebrates and values diversity and respect for all students, employees, and stakeholders.”

Because the issue involved personnel, they would not offer any further comment.