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BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Berkeley County is preparing for a normal school day on Wednesday. The district announced it is staying open with a Facebook post. 

Hundreds of people responded to that post, upset with how the district handled the closure. 

Berkeley County School District Superintendent Dr. Eddie Ingram, a former teacher himself apologized both on Facebook and during Tuesday night’s board meeting.

Ingram reminded everyone that he was a teacher and understands the issues teachers face. Ingram said he would quote, ‘never support an attack on our educators.’

He goes on to say, “we will be open on May 1st for our children and families who need us to be, but our support is and will always be 100% behind our teachers.”

“Our intent is to educate our kids and support those who need to go to Columbia to and quite frankly it’s part of the job and I accept responsibility it’s it’s almost like making a bad call on the weather day you’re always going to have a mixed bag we also had some people that have sent us positive messages,” said Ingram.

In that post, Ingram clarified the district’s statement saying the district fully supports teachers. The quote goes on to say, “We desired not just to state that we were open, but to emphasize strongly our support for our teachers. The use of ‘STAND IN’ was to indicate that everyone at BCSD is willing to do whatever is needed to allow teachers to participate while also caring for our students.”

We spoke with one BCSD teacher who plans to attend Wednesday’s rally after that apology. 

“I’ve always been super proud to say I work for Berkeley County and that I’m a part of the Berkeley County but I do appreciate the apology that was sent out today it made me feel a little better a little more supported that they truly do have our backs,” said Amanda Hebel, fifth grade teacher. 

Ingram wrote on Facebook that he wants teachers to reach out directly to him with any questions or concerns regarding his priorities.

The original Facebook post also said teachers got a raise in the middle of this school year.


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