BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Surveillance video shows a Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) deputy take down a suspect that they say was armed.

“He [was] saying some things that are really odd, really weird and just not making sense. Really kind of making me alarmed,” Rich Worley, Owner of American Biker said.

Minutes before the video started, Worley stepped out of his office and noticed someone in his store who looked suspicious.

“Seemed a little odd, carrying a military-style bookbag, and some other odd items he laid on the table,” Worley said.

After the man-made some suspicious comments, the owner said he flagged down his employees and approached the man.

“I then notice he has a sixteen-inch machete attached to his bag, which I thought was odd to bring to buy a motorcycle.”

As minutes of small talk with the man went by, Worley spotted another weapon.

“At that point, we heard a noise and we looked. He had dropped his pistol on the floor and slowly picked it up and put it back on his holster,” Worley said.

After he noticed the second item, Worley called the police who quickly arrived at the scene. The owner said when the police arrived, the man tried to resist arrest.

“I walked to see the officer needs help. I jumped on the back of his legs, twisted his legs, got my knee on the back of his side. I then helped hold his bottom half down so the officer could get him in handcuffs,” said Worley.

There was no damage done to any of the items in the store and there are no charges being filed.