BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Kyle Kons was driving his motorcycle to Walmart on Wednesday when he dropped an envelope containing $1,700 cash somewhere along Highway 52.

The Naval Nuclear Training School student had just returned from North Carolina with the money he had leftover from purchasing a car.

When he arrived at Walmart, he realized his envelope was missing. He doubled back and found a big scene.

Police cars were scattered along Highway 52. “They were explaining to me how people were braking on the road to chase money that was flying across the highway,” Kons said.

The money was gone, and there wasn’t much the police could do. They suggested Kons post on Facebook in hopes that some of the people who picked up the money would return it.

They didn’t, but other community members stepped up. They sent him $2,200.

“48 hours ago I didn’t think that, I’ll be honest, I didn’t have my hopes up for the community here. I really felt like I was kind of by myself here,” Kons said. “But now I really feel a part of the community, that everybody was willing to reach out and give an extra helping hand”

Kons asked people to stop sending him money and decided to do his part to give back.

He and his friends spent the day picking up trash along the highway where just days ago, people were picking up his money.