BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Community leaders and activists held a press conference regarding a TikTok video that shows a teacher at Cane Bay High School using the N-word during a classroom discussion about racism.

Those who spoke out Friday say they would like the Berkeley County School District to formally make using the N-word in the classroom against school district policy.

They also want to see the teacher be fired.

The video was shared with News 2 last week and includes audio of a classroom conversation regarding words and objects that are “rooted in racism.”

A teacher, who was not shown in the video, can be heard saying the ‘N’ word is also rooted in racism.

“When white people use this term – I wanna be very clear about that – when white people use that term, no matter what the context, it hits Black people different. I don’t care when you say it, or who says it, or how do you say it- once you say the N-word, as a white person, it’s hitting different inside of a Black heart,” said Pastor Thomas Dixon.

The Berkeley County School District released a statement Tuesday regarding the word being used in a classroom: “The teacher did make the statement that a racial slur, which the teacher identified out loud, is rooted in racism. This matter is under investigation and is being addressed in accordance with school and district policy.”

We asked Justin Hunt, President of “Stand As One,” if the district should take into account the fact that the student does say in the video that she liked this teacher, which indicates the two have had a positive relationship. Should that be used when determining what type of discipline should happen to the teacher?

“Me, personally, I would take that student’s relationship out to make sure that she’s terminated. And I get it, I totally get it, that’s just me personally,” said Hunt.

Hunt said not everyone who has concerns is asking for the teacher to be fired.