Community responds to adopt, foster pets before Hurricane Dorian arrives

Berkeley County News

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Several people spent the day preparing for Hurricane Dorian on Tuesday, including adopting and fostering shelter animals on Berkeley County.

The Berkeley County Animal Shelter had a major need with the storm threatening the coast. They needed help placing dozens of dogs and cats and the community responded in a huge way.

“We ended up having to reach out to the fosters and it was amazing, the community, actually the whole tri-county, came here and took every animal that could go out to foster,” said Heather McDowell, Community Services Director for Berkeley Animal Center.

Only a few dogs are left, those with illness or temperament that would prevent fostering.

“It’s amazing; I mean we always have community support but whenever something like this happens, you’re never sure what’s going to help- people are going to react and this proves that Berkeley County and the whole tri-county supports us. It’s an overwhelming amazing feeling.”

More people were helping in Goose Creek. Volunteer inmates from the Berkeley County Jail helped fill sandbags.

As of Tuesday, Berkeley County has delivered more than 32,250 sandbags and more than 1,000 tons of sand to 26 locations.

A convoy of military vehicles could be seen driving down 17-A toward Moncks Corner Tuesday morning and lines formed on Oakley Road as people brought trash to be dumped at the convenience center before it closed at noon.

While dozens of vehicles lined up in both directions, crews from the landfill and the sheriff’s office kept the lines moving steadily.

“There’s a lot of dedicated people here, this is a community that sticks together and we’re gonna get it done,” said William Bootle who is preparing for the storm. “I just hope everyone is safe and God provides his angels to put hedges around all of us to get through it. I think we’re gonna be all right.”

Berkeley County’s leaders said they plan on opening shelters Wednesday.

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