Coyote removed from school bathroom at Cane Bay Elementary Thursday morning

Berkeley County News

BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – A coyote was removed from a Berkeley County school early Thursday morning.

Leaders with Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office’s Community Action Team said the coyote entered the school premises during student drop off and their traffic deputies worked with school staff to retrieve the animal.

They say the coyote, who the school later named Wiley, was removed from a school bathroom without any incident to students or faculty members.

“I overheard on the radio where we had a couple of deputies you were trying to wrangle an animal at the school,” said Sgt. Matthew Woodall with the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office.

Sgt. Woodall listened to the radio to learn more about what was happening at Cane Bay Elementary.

“Come to find out it was a coyote that had gotten in the school when I guess the teachers opened the doors to let students in in the morning,” said Sgt. Woodall.

The teachers had trapped the coyote in the bathroom.

“They had it blocked off as best they could with anything to kind of keep it from getting out. But I think it was more scared about being there than anything or worried about trying to harm anybody.”

The coyote was turned over to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources unharmed.

Cane Bay Elementary | Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office

According to the website, Coyotes are most frequently seen and heard during mating season which is January-March, and when juveniles leave the family pack in September-November.

Experts say coyotes are naturally timid animals and will typically flee at the sight of a human. If you see one, do not approach it. You should either leave the area or call animal control.

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