BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Family and friends of a Berkeley County woman who died back in 2008 are planning to hold a protest outside the county coroner’s office next week.

Kadie Major, 26, was found dead next to railroad tracks in the Oakley Community not far from her 10-month-old daughter, River.

The Berkeley County Coroner ruled her death a suicide, but in 2018, Berkeley County Sheriff Duane Lewis named Kadie’s husband the only suspect in the case. The coroner, though, continued to rule her death as a suicide.

“We were moving forward like we were going to get a change in the manner of death, and then everything stopped,” said Kadie’s mother, Vicky Hall, during an interview with News 2 last month.

She does not understand how the sheriff has named a suspect, but the coroner’s office still says it was a suicide.

“You can’t have a suicide and a suspect. We feel it’s fair to Kadie, my daughter, to change this ruling. It’s a huge injustice to her to have it ruled a suicide,” Hall said.

Hall as requested that Berkeley County Coroner George Oliver hold a public coroner’s inquest.

“They can call everybody back on the stand. They can ask for the husband, his family, all the things that weren’t done- all the witnesses can be called, and it would be a public hearing.”

Coroner Oliver said there would be no new witnesses to interview if he held a coroner’s inquest. He also said that he’s reviewed the case with Solicitors in three different jurisdictions and that there was no evidence that placed anyone else at the scene of the deaths.

“They know that the husband, Aaron Major, sent me there to a location that he wasn’t supposed to know about,” said Hall.

Now, family and friends say they will hold a protest outside of the Berkeley County Coroner’s Office on Tuesday, February 9th from noon until 2:00 p.m.