GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCBD) – Residents in the Foxborough Townhomes in Berkeley County say water was up to their chest and compared what they saw to Hurricane Hugo.

“I’ve been through a couple hurricanes here and this is the worst it has ever flooded here, ever,” says Karen Well, a resident in the Foxborough community.

The neighborhood was hit hard with heavy rainfall as streets and cars flooded, leaving some residents were stuck in their cars.

“I sat there and it was dime sized hail coming in and i wouldn’t get out of my truck,” says Billy Dover, a resident in the Foxborough community.

Well has lived in the neighborhood for 10 years and says she has never seen anything like this, stacking dozens of towels to stop the rain from coming into her home.

“Thunder and lightning happened and next thing I know, cars are flooded and we had to run outside to clean the drains,” Well says.

Neighbors including Billy Dover say rain and hail was coming down so hard and fast he watched water get into cars leaving water stains and debris.

“The small trees at the middle of the parking lot were laying over and it was just a pretty nasty storm,” Dover says.

Well says this storm has reminded her to stay alert.

“From now on, I will make sure that I knock on ever neighbors’ door to make sure they’re okay,” she says.