GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCBD) – Goose Creek leaders are considering expanding what officials say are “destination districts” within the city.

While the growing Berkeley County community doesn’t technically have a downtown area, destination districts would essentially create several downtown-like areas at locations within the city.

“As we grow, and as we develop, and as we redevelop, we are trying to create at least a sense of what a downtown is and what that it is… a walkable space with restaurants, shops, and retail,” said Mayor Greg Habib.

The new Uptown development will be part of the Carnes Crossroads destination district in the city. Carnes is a place where more and more people are already visiting to eat and shop.

The city began working on the Redbank Road overlay district about seven months ago.

“When we talk about destination districts, again, what we’ve done at Redbank Road in the overlay district- we’ve created that. And then our partnership here at Carnes, the commercial development of Uptown Carnes, our public-private partnership there is creating a destination district. Walkable mixed-use commercial, restaurant, retail, office,” he explained.

225 Redbank Rd. was recently purchased by an investor. He is planning improvements to the shopping center. On November 1, the city’s latest large mural will be painted on the entire side of this building. This mural will be painted by the artist, Patch Whiskey.

Mayor Habib says this is an example of focusing on specific areas for improvement.

City Council is now looking at another location for a destination district that Mayor Habib says they are not ready to specifically discuss at this point.

“There are certainly other projects that we are working on that I’m not ready to talk about quite yet,” he said.