GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCBD) – The leader of Goose Creek’s police department is attempting to clear up misconceptions when it comes to speeding and enforcement.

It comes after the agency posted a message on its Facebook page regarding speeding laws in South Carolina and why tickets are issued.

“We had a lot of complaints from a lot of neighborhoods in Goose Creek,” said Chief LJ Roscoe. “The traffic unit has been out aggressively trying to find violators.”

The department has two traffic officers and one DUI officer, which is funding by state grants.

Chief Roscoe said the law is the law. If you are going even one mile over the speeding limit, you could theoretically be ticketed.

“We’re not in the habit of giving anybody a citation for one mile over the speed limit,” said Chief Roscoe. “Neighborhoods see a considerable difference when you are driving three or four miles over the speed limit, that’s different than what you see on an interstate.”

She also addressed another misconception – that people departments make more money if they issue more tickets.

“That money does not come to the police department. It goes into a general fund. The police department does not see any of that money.”

Finally, she said officers have no quota for how many tickets they must write.

Chief Roscoe says their primary traffic focus is preventing accidents.

“Since January 1 through April 30, the Goose Creek Police Department has made 4,340 traffic stops which have resulted in 5,278 citations being issued. The city, as a whole, has had 528 wrecks so far this year. Again, we try to prevent the wrecks, that is the main thing.”