STONE MOUNTAIN, G.A. (WCBD) – Officers with the Goose Creek Police Department traveled to Georgia to take part in the annual 911 Climb at Stone Mountain on Sunday.

Chief LJ Roscoe among several Goose Creek police officers spent Sunday morning hiking Stone Mountain in memory of the tragic September 11, 2001 attacks. 

The annual 911 Climb at Stone Mountain invites law enforcement across the Southeast to climb the mountain in full gear to honor the fallen.

According to the Atlanta Fire Report, the event saw roughly over 100 public safety personnel for the climb Sunday morning. 

The following law enforcement agencies took part in the climb: 

  • Fayetteville Fire 
  • Fayetteville Police 
  • Fayette County Fire 
  • Fulton County Police Special OPS 
  • Henry County Fire 
  • Union City Fire 
  • Spalding County Fire 
  • Greene County Fire 
  • Barrow County Fire 
  • Jones County Fire 
  • DeKalb County Fire 
  • Sumter County Fire 
  • Goose Creek Police