HANAHAN, S.C. (WCBD) – The city of Hanahan this week noted there have been reports of damage and an increase in trespassing during the construction of a new 53-acre park – Hawks Nest Park – in the Tanner Plantation community.

City leaders are reminding residents that the park is still under construction even though some sections appear to be complete.

“The Hanahan Recreation Department is seeing a significant increase in golf cart and pedestrian foot traffic on this property. We also have reports of recent damage at the tennis courts caused by a dirt bike, moped, or bicycle,” the city said.

Leaders say some individuals are disregarding the swing gates and multiple signs signaling that the park is a closed site and warning against trespassing.

Hanahan Police Chief Dennis Turner said the city has already suffered a setback of about $50,000 due to damage.

“The police department is increasing patrols at the new park and will enforce our trespassing ordinance, with zero tolerance, in order to protect the city and to do our part to make sure this project is completed on time,” Chief Turner said.

Hanahan leaders said 76% of its residents voted in favor of adding the park and noted that crews have worked hard on creating the space, which is slated to open in spring 2023.

“To ensure this happens, however, we must be diligent about protecting the property (and preventing injuries), especially while construction is still underway,” the city said.

Hanahan Police will conduct extra patrols in the area and will prosecute those found on the property for trespassing.