How the coronavirus pandemic is affecting business for restaurants in Cross, South Carolina

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CROSS, S.C. (WCBD) – The coronavirus pandemic has caused major financial hardship for numerous businesses, especially small businesses and restaurants.

Canal Lakes Fish Camp and MacDaddy’s Restaurant sits on the diversion canal in Cross, South Carolina. You have Lak Moultrie one way and Lake Marion the other – the owners say the pandemic has had a major impact on their business.

“It’s starting to kind of show on us now things are really slow, said Ray Sedgwick, owner of MacDaddy’s.

For about 33 years, Ray Sedgwick has been running Canal Lakes Fish Camp. They also have a buffet-style restaurant, Mac Daddy’s. He says at least when it is sunny and warm, people are stopping by in their boats… but with only to-go foot traffic right, business is getting very tight.

“You know, it kind of scares us a little bit- as far as, you know, the business we have come and go,” he said. “It has affected business drastically. All my employees are wanting to stay employed.”

Between part- and full-time jobs, he can have more than 20 employees on staff. Business from the nearby Santee Cooper plant and their contractors is helping.

“They’ve slowed down tremendously and so have we. Where this goes day-to-day is how we’re taking it,” he said.

Sedgwick said he is trying to stay open so his employees still have income, but he is not certain the business can make it long term if this continues.

“And the volume of people has slowed down. It’s down at least 60% from what we normally see, and this is our busy time of year. And you know, there’s just gonna be a prolonged winter it looks like.”

If you plan on stopping by to grab something you eat, you are asked to call ahead to make sure they have enough food left and to make are still open. That number is 843-753-2270.

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