GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCBD) – Authorities in Goose Creek announced Thursday that an adult and two juveniles are facing charges in connection with a stabbing that took place earlier this month.

Goose Creek firefighters initially responded to a residence in the Greenview Acres subdivision on the evening of March 9 after receiving a 9-1-1 call for a 14-year-old female who fell and was bleeding from the back of the head.

“The Fire Department personnel arrived on scene and requested the police department to respond due to the juvenile female being combative,” explained Captain James Emerson with the Goose Creek Police Department.

When officers arrived, the teenager was in the process of being taken to MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital.

Firefighters told responding officers that the injury may have been due to an altercation and a stabbing. Authorities also said that people on the scene were not being forthcoming and truthful about what happened.

“It was later determined that two juveniles were driven to the residence by Christina Diane Oakes for the sole purpose of assaulting another juvenile,” said Capt. Emerson. “The intent was to record the attack for social media purposes.”

Officials said the juvenile that sustained the stab wounds was one of the juveniles taken to the home by Oakes and has been determined to be one of the aggressors.

Video of the incident that was recovered by law enforcement allegedly shows the two juveniles trying to instigate a fight with a third juvenile that was lying on a bed.

“When the juvenile refused to fight, the two juveniles started punching her with closed fists in the head area. The juvenile that was being assaulted produced a knife and struck one juvenile in the back of the neck,” officials said.

Capt. Emerson said the juvenile fell to the ground and the altercation stopped.

Through an investigation, authorities determined that Oakes and the two juveniles that she brought to the home were the aggressors in this incident.

Arrest warrants were obtained for all three on March 15.

Oakes was arrested on a slew of charges Thursday including criminal conspiracy, unlawful conduct toward a child, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, kidnapping, and false information to law enforcement.

One of the juveniles was arrested on charges of assault and battery by mob third-degree, criminal conspiracy, and kidnapping.

Police said the other juvenile has charges pending for assault and battery by mob third-degree, criminal conspiracy, and kidnapping.

The child’s father, John Oakes, reached out to News 2 on Thursday afternoon and said he “strongly disagrees with accusations and charges against his daughter” and “does not believe the Goose Creek Police Department has done their due diligence” in the investigation.