Man helps to rescue woman from burning car moments before it’s engulfed in flames

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GOOSE CREEK, SOUTH CAROLINA (WCBD)— A selfless act of courage is being shared across social media.

On Saturday, Adrian Ross of Goose Creek helped pull a woman from a burning car just moments before it became engulfed in flames.

News 2’s Taylor Murray sat down with the man people are now calling a hero and shares what made Adrian Ross spring into action.

“I just did what I would want somebody to do for me,” Ross said.

Adrian says that when he saw the three-car collision happen on U.S. highway 176 and Myers road, he didn’t want to be a bystander, but wanted to help.

“I was like yo somebody’s stuck in the car. I need to probably get out and help, so I started running over there to the scene,” Ross said.

 A young woman was trapped inside of a badly crushed car.

To make things worse, flames were beginning to ignite near the engine.

Adrian says that he didn’t hear any ambulances or firetrucks at the nearby, so he knew he needed to act fast.

“I was more afraid of the car blowing up and her being in the vehicle. You know, that’s all I could think about was like I’ve got to get her out. At first, she was unconscious and then she was like coming too, but she didn’t want to move. I was like you got to come out,” Ross said.

The car was totally engulfed in flames by the time first responders arrived, but thanks to the good Samaritan the woman was out of the vehicle in the nick of time.

Adrian shares why he risked his safety to help a stranger…

“I’ve been through a lot of different things, that’s probably why I acted the way I did. I’ve seen somebody die in front of me and like, you know, even though I couldn’t have saved them, it makes you feel so bad just knowing that you watched them die. It makes you feel like you could have done this, you could have done that. I just couldn’t deal with that,” Ross said.

Adrian certainly has earned the title of hero in the eyes of the community and his loved ones say they aren’t surprised by what he did— this is just who he is.

“He’s doing what he’s called to do. He’s just that kind of person. That’s the kind of family he comes from,” Jasmine Salley, Adrian Ross’ girlfriend, said.

Adrian’s family hopes that this selfless act of courage sends a message to the community.

“Not all black guys with dreads are bad and heroes do not all wear capes. You can be just like him,” Salley said.

News 2 reached out to the family of the woman rescued from the car. The family says that she has several injuries and they are focused on the long road to recovery. They say they’re thankful for Adrian’s life-saving efforts.

Adrian Ross is a local rap artist. You can check out his music by clicking here.

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