BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Two men who had been fishing on Lake Moultrie were pulled from the water Tuesday afternoon after they were found floating on Lake Moultrie.

But accidents on that lake in Berkeley County are not too uncommon. One man recalled just how dangerous the water on Lake Moultrie can be.

“It saddens me, deeply,” said Daryl Trout, who lives on the lake. “I have a connection with one of the gentlemen. He actually coached my son’s high school baseball.”

Trout wanted to share his story because he believes it could save a life. “Knowing how easily it can happen, because it almost happened to me over the summer,” he said.

Trout and his dog attempted to hop in the lake to cool off one day last summer, but there was an alligator nearby. So, he decided to take his boat out into the middle of the lake for a quick dip.

“When I came up, I noticed that the boat was already 30 yards away from me- moving fast away from me,” he recalled.

Trout swam as hard as he could, but the boat kept moving away. He became tired of trying to catch up.

“I had to make a decision. Whether to keep swimming or just try to tread water and hope for the best,” he said. “Low and behold, I see a boat headed in my direction.”

But the boat turned away and moved on.

“As it went by, I raised my arms and tried to make some noise to no avail. It just kept going,” he remembered.

Wyatt Greene, who was 8 years old at the time, was on that boat.

“I saw a man yelling for help, and I told my dad to turn around,” Greene said.

At first, his dad did not believe it. “I felt kind of frustrated because he would not listen to me,” he said.

“And then, after three minutes of steady pleading my case, he finally turned around and that’s the only reason why I’m standing here talking to you today,” Trout recalled.

Trout said he will always be wearing his life jacket now, and possibly even tying a rope around his arm attached to the boat when he jumps out for a swim.

“I love him to death, obviously and I’m so thankful for his persistence and his good hearing and his good vision,” he said of Greene.

“I felt very proud of myself for seeing that,” said Greene. “Otherwise, he might not be alive to this day.”

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources has information about boater safety, which you can review here.