Neighbors say a traffic light is desperately needed near Foxbank Plantation

Berkeley County News

MONCKS CORNER, S.C. (WCBD) – A News 2 viewer reached out to us about a problem in her neighborhood. She lives in Foxbank Plantation and is concerned about a dangerous intersection Foxbank Plantation Blvd and Highway 52.

There is no traffic light there and she says that needs to change.

“I love it here,” said Kathy Thompson of her neighborhood. “It’s a quiet community; there has been a lot of growth since I’ve been here, I’ve only lived here a year and a half.

Kathy Thompson says as more people move in, traffic problems are increasing at Foxbank Plantation Blvd.

“It is extremely difficult to turn out of Foxbank onto 52 because of the traffic- people are traveling 60+ miles per hour and they added a school, so there’s people who are not residents of our community coming in and out of our community daily.”

She says a traffic light is needed.

“It’s just horrible. They have numerous accidents up there. My daughter calls me regularly and says they’ve had another accident up there. We desperately, as far as safety, need a light there.”

So far, she feels like she only finds roadblocks.

“The HOA said they would try to contact the developer. I haven’t heard back from the HOA. I reached out to Berkeley County, they said Moncks Corner has to be involved so they’re going to talk to in Moncks Corner; haven’t heard back. So basically, how do we get a traffic light?”

Kathy says the problem is serious and needs to be fixed.

“It’s dangerous. I mean, I fear for not only myself but the rest of the residents, my family and the people in the community.”

A spokesman with the South Carolina Department of Transportation said the traffic count at the intersection is not quite what it needs to be. He said they did do a traffic study in the past six months and they’re going to do another one periodically until the traffic count doesn’t meet the requirements for a light.

At that point, they will have the developer put a red light in at this intersection. Still, it’s based on traffic counts and they say that the intersection does not quite warrant a traffic light at this time.

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