GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCBD) – A Goose Creek couple is shaken after a burglar spent hours inside their home ransacking it while they were asleep just down the hall.

Dean Sigler and his wife Theresa have lived on a quiet Goose Creek street for a couple years. It all changed back on June 27th when they found themselves living a real-life nightmare.

“I believe that it was divine intervention there that didn’t let us wake up,” says Sigler.

Sigler says had he or his wife woke up during the home invasion they would’ve came face to face with an armed burglar ransacking their home for more than two hours. Sigler says someone could have been killed.

“He took the knives out of the kitchen and placed them around the house,” says Sigler. “Sharp knives in the various rooms that he was in. He also took the softball bat.”

The whole thing caught on camera depicting a scary scene. The burglar entered through the garage and into the kitchen picking through the couple’s belongings.

“Stole a whole bunch of stuff out of the garage and out of the inside of the house and my wife’s car” says Sigler. “It was anger that somebody had broke in and violated us.”

Goose Creek Police say 28-year-old Christopher Daniel Blocker was arrested miles away at a bank with all of the Sigler’s possessions minutes after the family woke up and realized what had happened. Court records show Blocker had been arrested six times between 2015 and 2019 on similar charges ranging from burglary to larceny.

Blocker was arrested at a REV Federal Credit Union near the Sigler’s home. The police report details the incident showing Blocker entered through the garage, place an umbrella in front of the man door to prevent people from viewing what was happening.

Blocker then walked through the home filling suitcases with items from the house before loading them into Theresa Sigler’s car and driving off. Both Sigler, his wife and their five dogs slept through the entire encounter.

Sigler says something has to change in a system catching and releasing repeat offenders through a letter he sent to Lowcountry Prosecutors and Law Enforcement Agencies. Of those listed on the letter include the Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester County Prosecutors Offices, the Goose Creek, City of Charleston, and Summerville Police Departments and the Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley Sheriff’s Office.

In the letter, Sigler says repeat offenders needs to held to more accountability and stronger penalties rather than just probation.

“When do we decide that probation is not working, that they have to be held accountable and serve their time,” says Sigler.

Sigler while angry and frustrated in the aftermath says Blocker needs to be held accountable but would be the first to forgive him.

“I’d tell him that he needs to go to jail and serve his time and when he comes out I’d be the first one standing there with my hand out saying I’m willing to help you get sober, get clean and we’ll go from here,” says Sigler.

Sigler is hoping his letter to Tri-County prosecutors will inspire change in the system to hold repeat offenders like the one who broke into his house accountable.

Blocker remains booked at the Berkeley County Jail on a $40,000 bond.