BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCBD) – Many residents in Berkeley County have been wanting to do more recycling in recent years. Beginning in about two months, pretty much all your recyclable materials will be recycled right at the Berkeley County Landfill and you won’t have to separate anything to make that happen!

Officials with RePower South say that once they open their new facility at the Berkeley County Landfill, they will be able to recycle or reuse 60% or more of your trash.

This process should cut down the portion of your trash that ever makes it into the landfill.

You can see massive machinery is in place inside the 100,000-square foot building. Instead of being dumped in the landfill pile, your trash will be dumped by your garbage truck into the back of this building.

It will then be sorted in numerous ways. There are machines that will blow light materials up and over walls down into one conveyor belt while the non-usable material will make its way back out of the building.

There are also robots that will detect material content and grab trash that is not recyclable and discard it.

RePower South will sell the recyclables, and some additional materials will be sold as fuel for industrial plants.

Right now, 100% of the trash from a garbage truck is dumped in the landfill. This new process will divert more than half of the materials to recycling or reuse.

“Approximately 30% of the material that comes in will be a recyclable commodity and will be sold on the recyclable commodity markets – those are your blue been recycled materials. 35% of it will be converted into fuel so non-recyclable papers and boxes that are effectively not of sufficient quality to be resold to the recycling markets. The balance of it is residue that does go to the landfill.”

This facility is expected to begin processing trash beginning in March.