SANGAREE, S.C. (WCBD) – What used to be a dangerous intersection that was often difficult to get through, is now a roundabout that allows traffic to move through in either direction.

To make things a little easier, a new bridge was constructed nearby to help children safely walk to and from two Sangaree schools each day.

“…the bridge was added for safe passage, mainly for children and adult pedestrians, can use it now without fear of a driver, not paying attention,” explained Berkeley County Councilman Tommy Newell of the improvements at the intersection of Royal Road and Sangaree Parkway.

Clyde King knows how people used to drive through without paying attention.

“Sometimes they don’t stop. They get close enough to rob you. You might go home that night with blue paint on your britches leg,” he said.

King has been a crossing guard in that area for 25 years. He said cars have brushed him numerous times and said the new bridge is a potential lifesaver.

“The kids have already learned how to go up and come down and they know the shortcuts. They enjoy it.”

Natalie Boles used to be a crossing guard in that area, too. But she was struck by a truck in 2012 and ended up with a brain injury.

“I don’t remember a lot about it. I’m good now, grateful to still be here,” he said.

The roundabout has been named in honor of Boles and the bridge has been named in honor of King.

The project was not inexpensive, but Councilman Tommy Newell says it is worth the money.

“It came from the penny sales tax. Overall cost was a little over $5 million and for those who complain that that’s too much for something that’s not needed, we got letters today saying the children enjoy it. It gives them safe passage and they feel safe crossing Royal Road, so every penny is worth it,” he said.

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