MONCKS CORNER, S.C. (WCBD) – Dozens of people in the Moncks Corner area said their tires were damaged by screws.

Those traveling on Highway 52 heading towards Moncks Corner, between Foxbank Plantation and the landfill, ran over screws in the roadway puncturing their tires.

“My mom came home Monday afternoon; she took 52 probably about 4 o’clock or so, and when she got home, I was like your tire is low,” recalled Laura Jernigan, who said her mom’s tires were damaged.

She went on to say, “We watched it proceed to go flat in the driveway. We went to go check on it and we saw one and then two. As we got closer, it’s just covered in screws.”

They counted 26 screws in one tire.

“We took it to the shop yesterday to get it replaced and they found another three on two more tires,” said Jernigan.

They stopped by Mavis Tires and Brakes in Moncks Corner where they learned they were not alone.

“It’s been probably almost 40 to 50 customers more than two to three punctures per tire. Some of them up to 25 and 30 screws in a tire,” said Tracy Grant, manager, Mavis Tires and Brakes.

Another vehicle arrived with screws in its tire while News 2 was at the shop on Wednesday.

Grant said customers started showing up with the problem on Monday.

“I think it’s starting to dwindle off now but Monday and Tuesday, about 70 tires were replaced due to the screws.”

70 tires. And that is just here at this one tire shop. The drivers said they were driving in that one specific area.

“This happened probably between the area of where the landfill and Foxbank are at on Highway 52 if you’re heading from Goose Creek to Moncks Corner.”

The Moncks Corner Police Department said they have not received any specific reports on how the screws ended up on Highway 52.