GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCBD) – Dozens of small local businesses have been operating out of the Goose Creek Antiques Mall, and many of the owners of those businesses say sales have been looking steady as they head into the holiday shopping season.

“We’ve been really busy the last few months,” said Veronica Paradise, owner of Goose Creek Antique Mall. “Customers are shopping early now.”

Paradise said even the ships sitting off the California coast causing delays in shipments for larger stores are driving more customers to the 60 small businesses that operate out of her antique mall.

“They’ve been saying they’re not sure what they’re gonna be able to get at the big box stores, so they’ve been shopping us trying to find gifts for people they have on their list. They’re finding things they didn’t even know they wanted here, which is great, too, because that means they are repeat customers.”

Black Friday went fairly well; “we opened a little early just in case we got slammed,” said Paradise. “It was a little slow in the morning, got steady throughout the rest of the day. Luckily, we were able to handle it at the cash registers. We didn’t have a line all day, which was good, everybody was really pleased and we did giveaways. That’s one thing customers like when we give those giveaways.”

But they have seen even more business, not just on Friday.

“All month; we’ve had a really good month, probably about a 25% increase over last year the same month,” she said.

And while they are not a traditional online store, business owners like Joe Miano’s wife, who sells antiques at the mall, push inventory on days like Cyber Monday because they take lots of photos of their new items and the mall posts them online.

“We’ve sold a lot,” said Miano. “When my wife brings items in, we photograph it. She takes good pictures – Veronica posts them that night to see what all the new stuff is going in and she sells sometimes by a phone online.”

That’s a way they are taking advantage of Cyber Monday.

Miano said there are real benefits to shopping local businesses who operate out of the mall. “You can take it home. You don’t have to wait; we don’t have any supply problems or inventory problems.”