BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – A few residents in Berkeley County are concerned about the depth of some ditches as the county works to repave roads in the area.

Crews have been working to pave Cannon Court just off Highway 17-A. Residents who live on that stretch of road said while they are happy with the fact that the road is being taken care of, they still have concerns about how it was done.

“We wanted the road paved back in, oh, bookoos years ago and we petitioned several times to get it paved and were told there were not enough people out here I have it paved, so we just kind of gave up on it,” said Martha Ellis, who has lived in the area for more than 50 years.

In 2014, Cannon Court was one of the roads approved by voters to be repaved in the original road sales tax referendum.

“Finally, back in January, we got a little inkling that yes maybe something it was going to happen. my concern is not that it’s paved because we loved that it’s paved but they have taken our ditches and just destroyed them. We had ditches that we could cut with a riding lawn mower and now we won’t be able to cut the grass at all. There’s gonna be weeds and I’m sure the county’s not gonna come along and do it for us and most of us are elderly that live out here.”

Ellis said the ditch is now so steep in front of her house that her husband actually got down in it just to see if he could do any work on it, and he was barely able to get back out of the ditch.

“It would help if it were more sloped, and maybe not quite so deep and not quite so wide if it was sloped, so where we could cut it with the lawn mower without being concerned about falling in it,” said Ellis.

They are also concerned about the ditch next to their mailbox. They believe it is steep enough there that the mailbox could fall into the ditch as rain washes away the ground beneath it.

Berkeley County said they have been in close communication with the resident throughout this project.

They are planning to adjust the ditch next to the Ellis’ mailbox and said that once the work is complete, they plan to re-grade the ditch to make it safer for the Ellis’ to maintain.

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