BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Students from College Park Middle School were recognized for their work managing a water goat system that was placed in the College Park Canal.

The water goat slowly collects the trash as the water flows down the Limehouse Branch portion of the canal. It was placed there after trash became a problem.

Berkeley County installed the water goat and then asked College Park Middle, which is located next to the creek if they wanted to help with the environmental project.

“The water goat was actually here since June 2020 and ever since, Mr. Crosby, he asked me if I wanted to do it and asked if I wanted anybody else to help and I said yes, Kevin and Guilherme,” said 7th-grader Jaidyn Redick.

So, the three have been meeting out at the water goat. “We just come out here every Tuesday and we clean up trash around it.”

Each student has their own role in the project.

“Guilherme’s our like technician guy and Kevin here, he loves to fish and he’s our hands-on kinda guy and me, I’m the speaker, as you can see,” Jaidyn explained.

“We have sometimes up to 20 kids stay after on Tuesdays and they just wanna go around and pick up trash,” said Jered Crosby, a 7th-grade science teacher at College Park Middle.

A new sign was unveiled at the site, including a QR code that allowed people to learn more.

Several of the students who participated were given framed certificates for their role by Berkeley County. Jaidyn, Kevin, and Guilherme were each given a fishing rod and reel while Mr. Crosby was given a kayak to show appreciation for their involvement and clearing out some 130.6 pounds of trash from the creek.

This program has helped teach a lot of lessons. “I used to never think I would be doing this right now but if you absolutely love something, go for it, just go for it, you can do anything really if you do it, or if you commit to it, you can.”

Leaders with the Berkeley County School District said they’re hoping to continue this water goat program each year.