WATCH: Cordesville woman describes the moments a tornado ripped her home from its foundation

Berkeley County News

CORDESVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – Residents across the Lowcountry will have a chance to lend a helping hand to community members hit especially hard by tornadoes earlier in the month.

Many communities in Berkeley County are still recovering from the impact severe storms which spun up numerous tornadoes on April 13th.  One local area that was hit particularly hard is located along Highway 402 in Cordesville.

“I was asleep,” said Brenda Johnson. “Heard this crushing noise like a can.”

That is apparently what a single-wide trailer sounds like as it’s being push off its foundation by a tornado and rolled over multiple times. Johnson was inside her home at the time.

“The trailer started turning and turning and turning,” she recalled.

All she could think about as she hit the walls and the ceiling over and over was her granddaughter, who was on the other end of the home.

“Was my granddaughter okay? Where was she? Was she OK? Because I know the room she lives in has a lot of glass in it.”

Then, she heard a sweet sound… one of the best things she’s ever heard.

“I heard my granddaughter yelling ‘grandmama, grandmama where are you.’ And that’s all I could hear was her voice. And I told her to go ahead and get out and she said no ‘grandmama, I’m not leaving you.’”

As hard as it is it to believe, they were able to crawl to the back door and crawl out of the home without serious injury.

“When I heard her voice then everything became okay,” she said.

But they still need help cleaning up this mess.

“They come together. If we need to be pulled up by the bootstraps without straps, they’ll figure out how to do it,” Robyne Armstead-Johnson, Cordesville Community Leader.

That is what is happening. On Saturday, State l guard volunteers and any other volunteers who want to help with work, equipment or even donate food and clothes will be in Cordesville helping out.

“Everything is gone. My whole 28, 29 years I lived here for is gone there’s nothing there left for us,” said Johnson.

She said the biggest need she has now is a place to live.

“It could be a used trailer. It doesn’t matter, just something for us to be comfortable in to help us out to start out. It would be a big help.”

“I’m saying I’m 71 now, to go through all of this all over again, it’s a lot. But I’m OK, she’s OK that’s important to me.”

If you’d like to help, work will be taking place here from 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m. Saturday.

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