HANAHAN, S.C. (WCBD) – Residents in one Hanahan neighborhood say their street is in desperate need of resurfacing.

Joann Roberts said Quaker Drive is off the beaten path of busy highways, but it’s still packed with runners, bicyclists, walkers with strollers, golf carts, and of course cars, who come to enjoy the quaint neighborhood.

But something is disrupting the peace and that’s potholes all up and down the road.

Roberts said the potholes occasionally get filled in, but it does not take long for the repairs to diminish, and the roadway is left more like a washboard.

Her neighbor, Tammy Spears, has lived on Quaker Drive for 32 years and said it has never once been repaved since her family moved in.

“The roads are just a hazard. You cannot just continually keep coming and putting a band-aid on something without fixing it,” said Spears.

Spears said she was not sure who was responsible for the road. So, News 2 investigated it and found that Quaker Drive was state-maintained. We then showed Spears and her neighbors how to submit a request to the South Carolina Department of Transportation’s Customer Service Center.

News 2 then followed up with SCDOT to see if they could help.

“There are not currently any resurfacing projects planned for this roadway,” the agency said. “SCDOT is aware of the concerns and continues to monitor the area and make necessary repairs.”