WHAT WAS THAT?! Goose Creek residents concerned over loud explosions

Berkeley County News

GOOSE CREEK, S.C. (WCBD) – People living in Goose Creek were left wondering about loud explosions heard both Thursday night and Friday morning.

While there were at least two explosions heard near the Naval Weapons Station, there was no explosives training – it was actually a response to a real-world incident.

“I actually had just gotten home from work and was watching TV—it felt like a sonic boom, but I could feel it in the floor, the floor vibrated, the windows were moving,” said Emma Reynolds who heard and felt the explosion.

It made such an impact Thursday night that she checked the clock.

“It was quite loud and quite noticeable and that’s why I looked at the clock and it happened right at 9:46 p.m.,” she said.

Many hopped on social media to give their theories.

“Social media has been all over the place; kind of getting irritated saying welcome to Goose Creek that’s the sound of freedom.”

Joint Base Charleston’s public affairs office said the base had no training over the past day, but they said there were in fact explosions in response to a real-world incident.

They would not provide details other than to say law enforcement had released some information about what they were exploding.

North Charleston Police on Thursday released information about a suspicious package around 12:30 p.m. on Bryhawke Circle near Cross County Road.

Joint Base Charleston officials said whatever was exploded was transported to the Weapons Stations where it was later detonated.

“That actually frustrates me a little bit because if you had time to bring it to the weapon station to dispose of, could you not have let the local media be aware so they could put it out so residents like me wouldn’t be sitting here wondering, what the heck was that?”

The base will not release any additional information about the explosions, but that is likely what you heard Thursday night or Friday morning.

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