BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Nearly two dozen geese were found dead or dying around a pond at the entrance to Cane Bay Plantation in Berkeley County this week.

“Geese are very family-oriented. They have very strong bonds, they mate for life” said Mary Jordan, a volunteer with Carolina Waterfowl Rescue. “Usually, when you see flocks, that’s a family. They look out for each other – unfortunately, a whole family was wiped out. It breaks my heart. It breaks my heart.”

News 2 called the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources who came out to investigate the problem.

The fountain at the neighborhood entrance has not worked for several years and the water level is very low. With the walls of the fountain being so high, juvenile geese are not able to get out.

“Geese don’t know, you know, they see water and they figure my baby is safe in there- but they’re not. It’s not high enough for them to get out,” Jordan said.

SCDNR officials say the geese likely died of hypothermia since they were never able to dry themselves off. They also were not able to eat.

They found one adult with the geese; the others were juveniles. DNR believes that may have been a mother goose trying to take care of the young.

There is now a piece of wood in the fountain to give them assistance.

Jordan said her husband was at the fountain on Thursday and found 16 of these geese dead. “I’m glad I didn’t see that because I don’t think I would’ve been able to hold it together. I mean, I’m barely holding it together because I know she’s going.”

There were three geese alive on Thursday. 

“One died while he was on the way home in the truck. We had two and one of them passed away during the night,” said Jordan.

This is the last goose still alive.

“You see how she’s opening and closing her mouth? That’s a sign that she’s dying.”

Jordan says she is trying to give this goose as much comfort as possible.

“I usually hold them because I don’t want them to die alone or think that they’re not loved; I know that probably sounds weird but that’s how I am, I don’t want them to die alone.”

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