Berkeley County residents upset over tax bill increase

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BERKELEY COUNTY, SC (WCBD) – If you received your Berkeley County tax bill in the past few days, you might be wondering why you’re paying more money in taxes. Well there are several reasons. 

A number of people are frustrated as they receive those new tax bills, they say they’re having to pay in some cases significantly more in taxes.

“I got a tax bill last week from Berkeley County for my home that I’ve been living in for 13 years and it was over three times what it was the year before,” said resident John Getsinger who just received a tax bill.

He says his bill showed him owing more than $700 for the Berkeley County Schools bond alone. Getsinger said he had a change on his deed, so the county automatically switched his home to non-owner occupied, which raised his taxes considerably. 

“I still live there so I have to jump through hoops and bring them a long list of things just to prove that I’m still a resident in my home,” he said.

Even once that is fixed, Getsinger estimates he will be paying up to $200 more this year over last. That’s because Berkeley County Auditor Janet Brown-Jurasko tells me the county raised taxes a couple of ways. They increased the fire fee and they increased storm water fees. She also says having to reprove owner occupied status is a state law. 

Getsinger is not impressed with what he is getting for his increased taxes.

“Berkeley County can’t take the money that we pay them and do the things that we pay them to do such as fix our roads, fix our ditches,” he said.

Another thing some of you were telling me about is that in previous years you could see the old tax bill broken down and the new tax bill on your paper bill. She tells me that basically they had a glitch in the computer system that did not allow last year‘s numbers to be put on the bill. 

So, they’re hoping to have this done within the next week. They’re going to have it set up where you can go online and look at this year and last year‘s bills and compare them.

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