Bernie Sanders lays foundation for 2020 campaign to SC voters

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NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Sen. Bernie Sanders made his first campaign stop as a 2020 presidential candidate in South Carolina Thursday night. 

In the Royal Family Life Center gymnasium filled with 1,628 people, Sen. Bernie Sanders (D) Vermont laid the foundation for his 2020 presidential campaign.

“Welcome to the political revolution,” Sanders said as he entered his political rally in North Charleston. 

In a nearly one hour speech, Sanders touched on a number of hot button topics like education, criminal justice reform, immigration, racial disparities in America and more. He began his speech with talking about what he believes are the underlying principles of our current government. 

“We have 30 million Americans without healthcare, that is not justice,” Sanders said. ” The government should not be based on racist, sexist and homophobic principles. That’s what the Trump administration is about and I want to end that.” 

Sanders continued saying that he wants the principles of the government to be based on economic, social, racial and environmental justices. 

The senator laid out promises that are a part of his road to American justice like making minimum wage $15 an hour, ending the cash bail system, providing healthcare in a cost efficient way, tackling the immigration system and climate change, decreasing prison populations, and more. 

“Real change never comes from on top,” he said. “It comes from the people at the grassroots.” 

Sanders talked about how he came from a working class family with his parents working pay check to pay check. He believes working class Americans deserve “more.” 

Sanders made it clear that his message was about “us.” 

“I appreciate you all saying Bernie, but it’s about us,” he said. ” My message today is that this is not just a campaign, we are a movement.”

Sanders supporters said they are ready to feel the “Bern” in 2020. 

“I adore him,” Barbara Visconti, said. “I think he’s the answer, I think he is the one that’s going to turn this ship around and set us in the right direction in this country and I’m behind him 100 percent.” 

Sanders is among many other Democratic presidential hopefuls. Many of which have made it clear South Carolina is a priority in their political campaign. 

Pat Barker, another Sanders supporter said, ” I think he’s more of a people person and I think that sets him a part from the other candidates.” 

Sanders is familiar with South Carolina as he visited many times while running for president in 2016. South Carolina is a state that he lost in the 2016 Democratic primary by 47 points to Hilary Clinton.

“In 2016, most significantly, we won more votes from young people than Trump and Clinton combined.” 

Sanders said his goal in 2020 is to bring justice to America and he says he will do that with the help of South Carolina voters. 

“We will win this election by putting together the strongest grassroots coalition in America.” 

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