CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – It comes as no surprise people are moving to South Carolina – and specifically the Lowcountry – by the thousands.

Accolade after accolade, Charleston is consistently ranked among the best when it comes to beauty, historic charm, food, and hospitality earning appeal from those searching for their own slice of southern paradise.

But what do you say to someone who is considering Charleston as their new home? We asked our Facebook fans for some of the best advice about moving to the Lowcountry.

That southern hospitality only goes so far: top comments include “Charleston is full.” And while we love our visitors, travel down any road or shop in any grocer and you’ll understand the sentiment.

  • Make sure your A/C is in good working condition! Other than that, enjoy the beauty of the Lowcountry and its people and its amazing food! – Amy, former Pittsburgh, PA resident
  • If you have bad allergies where you live now… be prepared to experience worse! – Steve
  • Keep your patience as you navigate the traffic and bad drivers. It is a beautiful place to live but extremely crowded. – Jammie
  • Enjoy every minute! When they say to get out because of a hurricane’s coming, get out!!! But enjoy every single day! – Teri
  • The beach is three hours away, no matter where you live. – Aaron
  • Be prepared to mow your lawn nine months out of the year. Our state bird is the Carolina Wren and our mosquitoes are about the same size – Leslie
  • When someone makes a recommendation of what restaurant to go to based on “that’s where the locals go,“ don’t bother because it’s so crowded with tourists that the locals can’t even get in there – Rachel
  • Bug spray is for all year. Sunscreen is your best friend. Winter is a myth. Hurricanes are real. – Lucas
  • Create a spreadsheet for all the restaurants you’ve tried. There are so many awesome places to eat you can’t keep up! – Lara
  • Explore what we have here before complaining about what we don’t have here (that you had back “home”). – Susan
  • Don’t bring your winter clothes. Get a bug guy. Allow 40 minutes to get pretty much anywhere so no need to complain about traffic. – Karen
  • Assume all bodies of water have alligators and snakes – Jonathan
  • We got 4 seasons here: Summer, hurricane season, Christmas season, and pollen season. Other than that it’s an awesome place to live and have a family! – Lesha
  • Slow everything down and respect our beauty and history. Charleston has a heartbeat, live here long enough and you’ll feel it. – Teresa

What advice do you have for people who are planning a move to the Charleston area? Join the conversation or read some of the other responses on our Facebook page by clicking here.