CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and a local survivor is sharing advice for others who may be experiencing the disease.

Many people around the world are affected by breast cancer or may know someone who has been affected. The disease will impact one in eight women in the United States each year, and 2.3 million women worldwide.

The American Cancer Society said there are four million breast cancer survivors living in the United States today.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is mean to educate and empower people about the disease, detection, and prevention.

News 2 spoke to a 6-year breast cancer survivor, Tanya Waring-Hearn, who says she had no history of breast cancer in her family.

Waring-Hearn went in for screening after discovering a lump on her breast, and that is when she said doctors found that she had cancer.

Hearn says she’s now dedicated her life to helping other women through breast cancer and urges all women to get a screening sooner rather than later if they feel concerned.

“Don’t be afraid to get tested, and don’t try to diagnose yourself. If something is going on unusual, don’t try and diagnose yourself. Get tested. It took that for me. I wouldn’t think I would be sitting here telling my story about being diagnosed with breast cancer. I would highly recommend, early detection is key and always get tested,” Waring-Hearn said.

There are many places across the Lowcountry to schedule a mammogram.

Doctors encourage you to make an appointment if you notice any changes or have concerns.