Car and supplies donated to Irma victims by local residents

Local News

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – After Summerville resident John Kauth heard about the devastation from Hurricane Irma in Florida he wanted to find a way to help out the people affected. So with the help of of the local Jewish community he donated the car he inherited from his wife.

“My wife passed away in April of 2016 after about 40 years of marriage,” said Kauth. “This was her car that I inherited so when I heard what had happened in Florida with Hurricane Irma I thought it would be a nice tribute to her to maybe donate that car to someone in Florida whose car had been destroyed in the storm.”

John drove the vehicle to Florida with his friend Robyn Wittenberg Dudley, another Summerville resident.

“Charleston Jewish Family services helped us identify a family through Goodman Jewish Family Services down in Plantation, Florida,” said Dudley. “A member of the family had a tree fall on her car and at the same time that was happening her husband was in the hospital with some heart problems and later found out that he had to have some toes amputated so that was definitely a family in need.”

John and Robyn also brought two cars full of supplies in what they called the “Kosher Karavan” to help out other families affected by Hurricane Irma. They brought the goods to the food pantry at Goodman Family Jewish Services.

“Since they were going down to deliver a car which in itself is so wonderful and helps one family we decided wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could fill it with toiletries and goods and hygiene products and diapers and things that these families were in need of,” said Sara Sharnoff Chesley, director of Charleston Jewish Family Services.

John and Robyn returned from their trip to Florida on Tuesday. They hope they can inspire others to help out those in need.

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