CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – The Carolina Children’s Charity does so much when it comes to helping children with birth defects or childhood diseases. 

Thru the year I have had the pleasure of meeting many of these families. Tonight, I introduct you to an incredible little three year-old girl who stole my heart.

Callie was born with down syndrome and has other health conditions like hyperthyroidism, two heart conditions as well as sleep apnea. A challenge for any family.

It was last year that Kerry and Tres heard about the Carolina Children’s Charity and it was just in time as insurance doesn’t cover all the therapy little Callie needed.

Callie was delayed in language expressions and was not communicating verbally and that’s when it was determined music therapy could help. And this improvement might not have ben possible without a 1,200 grant from the Carolina Children’s Charity for music therapy.

The maximum amount allowed in a 12 month period. With the help of music therapy and the help of the Carolina Children’s Charity hopes have been raised that Callie can now reach her full potential.

Carolina Children’s Charity has no state or national affilation, and recieves no goverment grants or reimbursement for services. The charity relies solely on the generosity of the community in its fundraising efforts so we ask you to think of that and think of Callie and please donate.