Carriage horses get loose in the city of Charleston

Local News

CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Usually the carriage horses here in Charleston are safely in the barn when they aren’t working, but every now and then they’ll make a break for it.

City officials say that’s what happened Sunday around 4:30pm. Two horses escaped from a barn on Pinckney Street and wandered to the courtyard at the Andrew Pinckney Inn. 

A bystander says he was driving up the road and immediately got out of his car when he saw the horses. He went to the barn the horses escaped from, but no one was inside. He then went to another barn and employees were able to get the horses back to where they belong.

No human or equine injuries were reported this time, but when horses escape, it can be dangerous for the animals and for pedestrians.

There is an ordinance within the City of Charleston that prohibits animals from straying or running at large.

“Owners should take care of an animal and be able to control that animal at all times, whether it be a equine animal or dog or cat or anything of that nature. It’s the owners responsibility to make sure their animals do not roam the city streets unattended,” said Dan Riccio, Director of the Livibility and Tourism Dept.

Charges could be filed against the company that owns them, which Riccio says is Carolina Polo Carriage Company, but the City is waiting until they’re able to speak with more employees before making a decision on that.

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