CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – All Charleston County School District (CCSD) employees will be receiving a $500 bonus.

CCSD says this bonus is not to be confused with hazard pay which is being discussed at the state level; this is a way for CCSD to thank teachers and staff for their hard work.

Jayuntay Williams, the 2019-2020 CCSD Teacher of the Year, and a math teacher at C.E. Williams Middle School’s North Campus, says the gesture itself means even more than the money:

“There’s a saying, a little thanks goes a long way, and truly in the field of education that definitely is the case.”

Jayuntay Williams, CCSD teacher

Right after CCSD voted on the decision, CCSD Chair Rev. Dr. Eric Mack said, the board was so happy to be able to show their appreciation:

“We are excited to be able to do something of this magnitude for our teachers.”

Rev. Dr. Eric Mack, CCSD Chair

For teachers like Williams, this support from CCSD means they can keep putting the kids first:

“As I tell my students, they are math superstars, whether they realize it or not, so we want them again to be able to unleash those powers, so they just need some support, and again, we all need support.”

Jayuntay Williams, CCSD teacher

To give that support to teachers, it will cost the district $5.2 million. That money has already been approved, and will come out of the reserve fund.