CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – An online post has the Charleston Animal Society on high alert. 

“Animal Society staff began receiving calls from concerned citizens that a social media post by a group identifying itself as Charleston Carriage Horse Caretakers and Supporters was threatening,” said Joe Elmore, President and CEO of the Charleston Animal Society. 

The post in question reads in part “don’t wanna have a #valentinesdaymassacre over there at the house of animal exploitation #cas.”

The Charleston Animal Society immediately contacted police.

“We agree with law enforcement that this is threatening and have taken measures to provide for the safety of our staff, volunteers, the public, and the nearly 500 animals in our care,” Elmore said. 

The group responsible for the post addressed the threat allegations saying it wasn’t a threat and apologizing for making people think it was. 

This is just one of several recent events involving the Charleston Animal Society.

“This incident follows incidents last week, including the physical attack on one of our board members at her home. Last week another one of our board members was verbally accosted by one of these carriage people at a funeral service for yet another one of our board members, crossing all lines of decency again. It must stop,” Elmore said. 

The Charleston C.A.R.E.S. organization also released a statement involving this post, stating the group responsible is not affiliated with any carriage company and they want to see this heated rhetoric and provocation end.