NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – With Tropical Storm Elsa churning the southeast, the storm’s effects are impacting several states. Now, Charleston’s own are stepping up to help with Charleston Animal Society’s rescue efforts.

“We do want to keep them comfortable. We want to make it a stress-free experience, but at the same time we’re trying to get them out of the way before floodwaters arrive and they’re at risk of drowning and dying,” said Aldwin Roman, Vice President of Operations and Strategy at Charleston Animal Society.

Summer is the height of shelter season and the animal society is stepping up to help those in need.

“We took 10 dogs from Florida. We would’ve taken more,” said Roman.

The shelter wanted to do their part as Tropical Storm Elsa slammed Florida.

“The whole town was going to flood, and their resources were stretched thin, so they needed help,” said Roman.

That’s when teams from the Charleston Animal Society stepped in.

“We knew we needed to get down there before the storms, so we could load and get back safely, and thankfully it went just like that,” said Emergency Response and Preparedness Manager at Charleston Animal Society, Bryant Taylor.

The shelter now needs the community to come to their rescue and help be a hero through adoption.

“We are doing a special adoption campaign from this weekend through next week. We’re offering fee-waived adoptions on adult dogs and half-priced on kittens, so we ourselves are full even with these 10 dogs before that we are full, and we need to get these animals out and in homes,” said Roman.

The dogs are available for adoption. You can stop by the Charleston Animal Society to take a furry friend home with you.